mai 19, 2022

Simply amazing, this is YX WhatsApp 8.80.3 It has just been updated and has a new look with many new features and new settings, the way we all like it. That is, YX WhatsApp now has a new base that is that of Fouad WhatsApp 8.70 . So it also has news and improvements.

In addition, the new functions of Fouad WhatsApp are all present in YX.

In summary, YX WhatsApp is a remodel of Fouad WhatsApp and has all its functions. However, the difference is that YX is entirely in Portuguese and has some more functions than Fouad.

But, it still has the beautiful effects that only YXWhatsApp has. For example, when installing Yx WhatsApp 8.80.3 on your phone. It will already have the effects of snow falling on the home screen and on the conversations screen. In addition, it also has scrolling effects that apply when you scroll the conversations or the statuses up and down. So if you want to activate or change these effects. You can go to YX Mods> Home Screen> Effects or Transition Effects

Changes In YX WhatsApp 2022

First see what has changed in YX WhatsApp.

# Update 2022 🚦
#YxWhatsApp V8.80.3
🏷 Base:
😎 By Cleberson Jr.

  • Added voice effects for audios (Join a conversation> Points •••> Voice changer). Record audio and send.
  • Added preview and confirmation before sending a sticker (YxMods> Conversation)
  • Added option to remove downloaded emoji packs
  • Corrected slow messages to send in groups
  • Support for Android 11 (“Unknown sources” still required)
  • Messages and media remain flagged, even after they are forwarded.
  • New PIN blocking interface
  • ⚠️ Facebook extended the term of the new privacy policy until May 15.
  • 🌟 More features and improvements!

How to Download YXWhatsApp 8.80.3

First of all, to install YxWhatsApp, first you have to uninstall any version of WhatsApp that you are using. Then, download the app by accessing the download page using the button below.

Then click the button below and download the YXwa Apk 2022.

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