mai 19, 2022
Gsm Aladdin Latest Setup v2.1.42
GSM Aladdin Latest Setup v2.1.42 (2022) Full Version Free. Install GSM Aladdin with its latest setup. Just click on the download button and wait till the file is automatically downloaded on your PC. The Application contains a tiny wizard that will guide you to install and run the installation.

What is GSM Aladdin?

GSM Aladdin is a tiny tool for Windows PC that is going to help you perform different functions related to Mediatek. The main features that you will find in the application are as follows:
  • It can read the locks and remove the locks too
  • It will aid flashing in dead phones and will also help in resetting the face locks
  • IMEI complete wizard support is enabled in it
  • You can simply upgrade the PC’s reading and writing speed
  • It can inspect the root access in the device and can temporarily activate root access in the device too.
  • It will allow you to safely format the devices and can also fix downloads with broken strings.

What is there in the latest version?

  • MTK IMEI function has been improved with better repairing tool and Meta mode has been introduced in it.
  • HelioX20 has been introduced to support IMEI functions.
  • Reading and writing functions has been included with a reset code enabled in it.
  • New phonebook support has been added as a completely new feature in the latest version.

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