mai 19, 2022
How to Install Google Play Services on your Huawei P40
How to Install Google Play Services on your Huawei P40

The Huawei P40 Lite is perhaps the most balanced member of the entire P40 family. It has an official price that does not reach 300 euros, and offers interesting features such as its quad rear camera. However, not arriving with Google Play Services can make many users who have already purchased it or are planning to do so. Today we will see how it is not difficult to solve this problem in a matter of a few minutes.

The stick from the United States to Huawei continues, further aggravated if possible by the current situation. Buying a P40 Lite is a sweet tooth, as it has been launched at an even better price than what we saw last year for the P30 Lite. However, when turning on the mobile, all users will find no trace of Google and its most important services such as Google Play or Google Maps.

Install Google Play and more

However, if you have reached this article because you have a Huawei P40 Lite and you are in this situation, you have to know that within five minutes you will have Google services on your mobile as well as all the applications that you want to install. The solution is paradoxically found in a simple application.

Download an app

The solution is in an application called Chat Partner, which works as a deficiency detector of the mobile and repairs it, adding Google Services if necessary. The steps to follow are extremely simple since the first thing we will have to do is download the application from this link. You must have the external sources installation permissions activated, something that we can do from Settings / Security.

Accept permissions

Once the app is downloaded, we proceed to its installation as normal. At this time we will have to accept all the permissions that they request and read a message that alerts us to the risks of installing files from the web. Once installed, we run Chat Partner and click on « Detect Device ». At that time, the application will perform an analysis of our mobile. When finished, it will alert us to the absence of Google Services.

Find what’s missing

Then we will have to follow the next step, since the app will give us the possibility to fix this problem automatically. To do this, click on the « Repair Now » button. Then we will have to accept some permissions, so that the app can access the installation of Google Services. Now we will see an installation process with a percentage, which should not take more than two or three minutes to complete

All ready

At the terminal, we will see the login screen in our Google account, an indication that everything has gone well. Now we only have to enter our account and go to Google Play, which we will already find installed, to download all the applications we want.

The good news is that having no Google app is none. In other words, starting from scratch is beneficial to a certain extent, as we can get rid of those Google apps that we will probably never use like Google Movies, Google Music or Google Books. However, we can now reinstall Google Maps, WhatsApp and all the applications from the Android market.

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