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Latest Guide to install Google Play on Huawei P40 Lite
Latest Guide to install Google Play on Huawei P40 Lite

In the following tutorial we will explain in detail how to install Google Play on Huawei P40 Lite; the Play Store and other Google Play services that are not pre-installed on Huawei phones.

Install Play Store on Huawei P40 Lite

You are probably wondering: Why do I need to install Play Store on Huawei P40 Lite; Doesn’t the Google Play Store come pre-installed on all devices with Android operating system?

The answer is that not all Android devices include the Google Play Store; sometimes phones from Chinese manufacturers replace the Google Play Store with an exclusive App Store for their phones and tablets. This is the case with Huawei; But you can still install the Play Store on Huawei P40 Lite and other Huawei company phones.

The installation process of the Play Store on Huawei devices is somewhat tedious; but you need to perform each of the steps, or else it won’t work for you.

Materials and files needed

  • Huawei P40 Lite, P40 or P40 Pro
  • Pendrive USB Type-C or Type-A with USB Type-C adapter.
  • Download Files (depending on the version of Android you have installed
  • Copy the downloaded file in ZIP format to the USB pendrive, and connect the pendrive to your Huawei P40 Lite.
  • On your phone, open the file manager app and select the USB drive from the list.
  • Touch and hold the zip file; then touch the menu button at the bottom right of the screen (the one with the 3 dots)., and select “Extract to / This folder”.
  • Once you have extracted the contents of the zip file, tap the folder that has been created, and then tap the [Step 1] folder inside. (that folder will be used in a future step).
  • Exit to the main screen of your P40 Lite and then go to Settings -> Apps -> App.
  • Click on the 3-dot menu (at the top right of the screen) and select View system processes.
  • Tap the Backup (or Restore) process. Tap on the Force Close feature and then Uninstall.
  • Go back to the file manager and open the Step 1 folder (which we mentioned previously)
Install the file called 1.apk, (if they ask you to enable the installation option from unknown sources, accept)
Then install the 2.apk file.
  • Touch and hold on the file, and then touch the 3-dot menu at the bottom right, and select Extract to / This folder.
  • When the content of the file has been extracted, touch and hold on the Huawei folder; then tap on the Move / Other Folder option. From the list, select USB Drive and then tap Move.
  • From the list of options, select Apply to all and then Join.
  • Go to Settings / System and Updates, and select Backup & Restore / Data Backup.
  • On the Backup app screen, confirm all the requested information and once it starts, touch External memory and select USB.
  • Touch the file on the USB connected to your Huawei phone and then touch the Restore function. (the required password is displayed on that same screen). Make sure you have activated the option « App and date », before touching the Restore function.
  • Go back to the Files app (file manager), browse the path of the USB drive and select the folder called « 00_ANDROID … » ‘
  • Go to the Step 2 folder and install the first app (0) Quick Shortcut Maker.apk.
  • Go back to Home, start the LZPlay app (icon with letter G); and then from the screen select Activate and then Allow.
  • Touch the blue button and once the installation of the Google apps has started, return to the Files app (file manager).
  • From there, install all the other apps present and in order; starting with the app: (1) Google Play services.apk, up to (6) Google Contacts.apk.
  • Once you have installed all the apps, return to the main screen and open the QuickShortcutMaker app.
  • Select Google Account Manager.
  • From the items shown, select the room.
  • Then touch Try, and open the 3-dot menu that appears at the top right of the screen and then Browser sign-in.
  • Connect by entering the credentials of your Google account.

Troubleshooting problems with Google services

  • When entering your data, it is very likely that you will get a screen with errors.
  • Go back to the file manager app and navigate again to the folder that includes folders (Step 1, Step 2, etc).
  • Select Step 3 and install the only APK file found (Google Services Framework).
  • Then go back to the previous error screen, and select Next, and you will return to the QuickShortcutMaker screen.
  • Now you will be receiving notifications from Google.
  • Download and install the Device ID app from the Play Store.
  • Open the Device ID app and you can see your Google Services Framework number (write it down).
  • Open the running apps screen and close them all.
  • Go to Settings-> Apps-> App; then tap on Google Play services.
  • Tap Force close (you may need to repeat it several times), then Uninstall.
  • Close all apps.
  • Go to the folder Files / USB Drive / 00_ANDROID… « 
  • Select Step 4, and install the only app in APK format present for Google Play services.
  • Close all apps.
  • Go to Settings-> Apps-> App, Touch the 3 dots menu and select Show system processes.
  • Select Google Services Framework, then Memory, and tap first Clear cache, then Clear date.
  • Go back, tap Force close (you may have to repeat it several times); finally tap on Uninstall.
  • Close all apps.
  • Go to the same directory as before, or Files / USB Drive / 00_ANDROID… “.
  • Now tap on Step 3 and install the Google Services Framework APK file.
  • Close all apps, (you will no longer have problems with notifications).
  • Go to Settings-> Apps-> App, Select Google Play services.
  • First Force stop and then Uninstall.
  • Close all apps.
  • Go to the same territory, go to the same path or Files / USB Drive / 00_ANDROID …
  • Tap Step 5 and install the apk (installation file) for Google Play services.
  • Restart your Huawei P40 Lite.
  • Go to Settings-> Apps-> App; and then browse until you find the Chinese name for LZPlay.
  • Tap the app from the list and select Uninstall.

What is the Huawei Play Store?

As we have previously explained… Huawei phones do not have the official Google Play Store; that in other devices with Android operating system comes pre-installed. But replacing the Google Play Store, Huawei devices have an app called Huawei AppGallery. In the AppGallery application you will find all the apps that are available for Huawei devices.

How to download Huawei AppGallery?

You can download the Huawei AppGallery store below from the following link. Remember that it is an APK and therefore it is necessary that you enable unknown sources on your mobile phone before installing it. Then you can access all the applications that are available through it.

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