mai 19, 2022

WhatsApp Dark Mode Finally Goes Stable

WhatsApp Dark Mode for Android and iOS is finally available for everyone. You can download immediately here if you cannot wait.

WhatsApp dark mode has been in testing for quite some time. WhatsApp had already enabled the feature for those participating in the beta program back in January. Finally, yesterday, WhatsApp announced that dark mode is now ready for everyone and will be rolling out over the next few days.

The Dark Mode is not pure black but is rather a dark grey and off-white color, which aims to reduce eye strain. The dark mode is available for all devices running Android 9 (Pie) and above, and iPhones running iOS 13. In Android version 9, you will need to switch themes in the app’s settings menu manually, and on Android 10, you can use that system-wide dark mode toggle to set it permanently to respect your settings.

WhatsApp Dark Mode Finally Goes Stable

WhatsApp Dark Mode Finally Goes Stable

The WhatsApp Dark mode will be rolling out on the Play Store over the coming days, but if you want the APK file to install immediately, you can get it directly from this LINK.

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